Earth Architecture

  Impressions of summer workshop 2016  


Harvest of the flax

  Preparation and spinning of the flax by Stefania Brandinelli.
Stefania will be organising various workshops on request during 2017.

Finishing the wooden floor in the pavilion.

Party on 17 September 2016

Frida thanking the contributors to the project


Architect Cristina Guerieri thanks Architect Mauro Bertagnin for all his help
 and advice and thanks Architect Antonio Carmilla for his dedication and
 work over the past ten years. She also acknowledges
all the participants and their invaluable contributions.

  Mauro Bertagnin
  Antonio Carmilla
Archaeologist Carolina Megali announces  the various projects to start in 2017
 in collaboration with the Country Communication Centre.

The end of a very special day!

Photographs of the workshops are created by:
Edo Zanandrea an Jurriaan Smit