Earth Architecture

  Impressions of summer workshop 2013  
  Last layer of Adobe bricks is nearly ready  
  Strut beam of the main entrance  
  Walls are ready for the roof construction  
  Preparation of the beams in order to create the Dome  
  Placing of the first Beam  
  Preparing of the Flaxfibers to fix the window frames  
  Putting the fibers in water before adding the mud  
  Sifting the earth to create the mud  
  Mixture of Flaxfibers with the mud  
  Placing of the mixture to fix the window frame  
  Window frame after fixing  
  Pizza party with all the helpers of Workshop 2013  
  Applause for the Carpenter  

Photographs of the workshops are created by:
Edo Zanandrea an Jurriaan Smit

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